COVID19 Update 2

Dear Residents,

We are writing to update you on policies and practices at our property that relate to the COVID19 pandemic.

Please know that your health and safety are our primary concerns. Thank you for your cooperation with the closure of many of our amenities including the leasing office, pool/ spa areas & fitness facilities. All common areas will continue to be closed until further notice. If you need to contact the office please do so via email: or phone: (575) 532-8200.

Following the direction from the State of New Mexico, please know that it is now against policy to congregate around the buildings in groups larger than 5.

To limit face-to-face interactions for our maintenance technicians, we are continuing to only accept emergency maintenance requests. Please continue to schedule all non-emergency maintenance requests 2-3 weeks out. Classifying maintenance emergencies as water (that cannot be contained with a towel or bucket), electrical issues &/or fire safety concerns. For maintenance emergencies please contact (575) 993-5088.

If you come into contact with COVID19 we are asking that you notify us. We will keep your personal information private, but want to be proactive in knowing what is happening on our properties so that we can make informed decisions.

Finally, please remember that only flushable items should go in your toilets. We want to minimize maintenance calls so help us out and be a little extra cautious with what you put in your toilets.

Thank you for sharing your home with us!


Tuscany Villa & Estates